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Winter Composites

1.  Snowman (suitable for up to six people) 
2. Santa with Magic Box (suitable for up to two children).
3. Santa in the Room (suitable for up to six people).
Cost is £20 per image plus £5 for each child / person included in the image.
This will be in high resolution digital format for you to download. Prints will also be available.
You need to make sure that the images you upload are full length, stood up or sat down and on a plain background. This makes it easier for me to cut them out and place them on the composite.
Images from a mobile phone should be acceptable as smart phones are pretty good these days.
You just need some decent light and a plain background - I will do the rest!
And don't forget - they will need to wear their coat, hat and gloves for the Snowman one! 
You can pay by Paypal and / or your debit/credit card here.
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